Demos and samples

Through the demo and sample pages you will be able to view a number of demos and create your own samples.

The demos offered are based on the key functionalities offered by AND: Address Validation, Geocoding, Mapping, Proximity and Routing. A number of demos are available on the AND GeoAccess XML Platform.
- Simple demos, these show limited functionalities
- Advanced demos, these show most of the functionality
- Demos to maintain a location database

Most demos and a tutorial are made using Microsoft .NET Environment. There are J2EE Demos and a tutorial of a route planner available for a number of platforms from BEA and Borland. When you want to use the service from a platform that does not support Web Services like the Mobile Java platform J2ME, there is a tutorial on how to use it. The sources of these demos can be downloaded .

Besides looking at a demo, you will be able to create your own samples. To create your own samples you need to download several files, go to the Download Page and follow the necessary steps. Please select the demo of your choice or create your own sample based on the key functionalities offered by AND.

-Route Planning
-Proximity Services
-Location Services
-Mapping Services
-Address Services
-GeoAccess Expenses