AND's Web Services solutions, GeoAccess, are available both as hosted service and can be hosted by the customer. The GeoAccess XML Platform is available for the leading platforms: dotnet, Java and SOAP. AND GeoAccess supports the development tools of Borland, Hewlett-Packard's Mobile Services Delivery Platform (built on industry-standard network interfaces OSA/Parlay and standard Web services), BEA's WebLogic Application Server, IBM's WebSphere, Microsoft's .NET and the enterprise applications of Siebel and SAP.

To create your own samples, and experience how easy it is to use the Web Services offered by AND, you need to download several files. Please select the platform you wish to use and download the necessary files.
- Download the sources for the VB.NET demo here and read about it in the Visual Studio.NET tutorial
- Download the sources for the BEA demo here read about it in the Java tutorial

Download the sources for the vine yard demo
- Read the tutorial
- Download the location database
- Download the location upload pages

- Download the white paper: GeoAccess and B2E mobile location services here
- Download the document: Connecting AND GeoAccess to Siebel.doc here